The Association for Cultural Relations is an organisation of young people focusing on the understanding of cultural diversity of Europe, the promotion of international mobility and strengthening of participation of youth in social and cultural spheres. Since the establishment of the organisation, the members had chance to take part in several European programmes and to work in the fields of education and information (meetings, seminars, interactive workshops and educational games).

The organisation was invited to the following projects (Erasmus+, Nordplus) as a partner.

Ongoing projects

YOUnite is a project aimed to help obese adolescents in overcoming challenges and improving their employability on the labour market. YOUnite project, supported by the ERASMUS+ programme is seeking to develop a new engaging and self-confidence-building training programme to support young obese people to cope with socio-economic difficulties and any other potential source of discrimination.

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Past projects

“Resources for Improving Social inclusion and Equality, based on applied entrepreneurial competences" is an Erasmus+ mobility of youth workers project
“Facilitating supportive spaces for migrant entrepreneurs" is a multi-themed project involving 100 participants from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The
“From NFE to Work – Networking for Youth Employability was a contact-making event held in Budapest, Hungary in May 2017,
Can I come in? was a seminar held in Budapest, Hungary in November 2017, attended by 30 participants, including 3
Culture as a tool for conflict resolution was a training course held in Budapest, Hungary in October-November 2019, attended by
Build and attend peace was a multi-action training course held in Georgia and in Hungary in November 2018 and April
Under migrants' perspective was a youth exchange held in Georgia in October 2019, attended by 42 participants, including 6 participants