The Association for Cultural Relations coordinates and carries on education and project development activities through cooperation with local and international partners. The ACR Finland is a member of extended networks and undertake activities jointly with numerous partner organisations all across the world. Being a member of international networks, the ACR Finland also benefits from shared resources and collaboration. These connections make it possible for us to enhance the quality of our activities and spread the values of cultural relations in Finland.


The association collaborates with government agencies, higher education institutes, research institutes and organisations active in the fields of youth, education and international/cultural relations on local and international level. As an independent organisation such cooperation is based on mutual understanding to achieve mutual objectives that can serve the development of cultural relations within and outside Finland.

Sister organisations

The ACR Finland shares values and closely cooperates with its sister organisations in Hungary, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey and Mali. These organisations recognise the importance of transmitting their ideas and disseminate the outcomes of their efforts. Thus the association aims to develop the quality of its activities by initiating and carrying out joint actions with its sister organisation. The organisations operate independently, however share the same values and ideas.

Call For Partnership

The Association for Cultural Relations invites research institutes, funding organisations, higher education institutes, academies, non-governmental organisations, think tanks and other organisations to partner with ACR Finland in the creation of a cooperative network that aims to contribute to the dialogue among cultures, development of peaceful international relations and the preservation of cultural diversity.

Strategic alignment

In the spirit of the ACR Finland’s mission and philosophy, the association is ready to share its research results and experiences by jointly organised conferences and small-scale local events and providing up-to-date information as well as news analysis about the recent developments in international relations. The association offers various forms of cooperation in accordance with the objectives of ACR Finland.


  1. Identifying emerging and strategically important topics by addressing questions raised by the scientific community.
  2. Strengthening the link between science and society; fostering exchanges with politics and the private sector.
  3. Developing research careers of young researchers.
  4. Promoting the perspective of cultural relations policy in International Relations Theory.
  5. Contributing the responsibility of non-governmental organisations to increase public awareness of human rights.